Chairperson Ballot

Welcome to the Pacific FC Chairman Vote.  We have 2 candidates for this position.  Each team has the right to place 1 vote for the candidate of their choice.  To help you make this decision, we have asked each candidate to respond to a couple questions and have included their responses at the bottom of this page.  Please complete only one ballot per team.  If you have more than one coach, please coordinate between these coaches to decide who will cast the vote.  If you have any questions, please contact

Q1: Please list any board / committee related experience.

Mike Mikelson     Jeff Stay 
I have been on the board for Prairie Soccer Club for the past 2 seasons. Being in charge of the fields for PSC has brought some interesting challenges. Working through the processes with the school district has shown me how important patience and perseverance can be.

Being the varsity boys soccer coach at Prairie High School for the last 8 years has given me some great opportunities, I'm regularly asked to sit in on new coach hires and also disciplinary hearings for student athletes. Working with parents, athletic directors and the school principal has given me some great experience in dealing with an array of situations.
  • 2002-2008 Lewis River Soccer Club – Coach U6-U11 Boys
  • 2008-2010 TriMountain – Coach ‘96 Boys
  • 2010-2012 Pacific FC – Coach ’96 Boys
  • 2011- Present Pacific FC – Asst Coach ‘99 Girls
  • 2006-2008 Lewis River Soccer Club – Coach Coordinator
  • 2009-2010 TriMountain Select- Chairman
  • 2010- 2012 Pacific FC Co-Chair
  • 2010-2011 Ridgefield Business Association – Communications
  • 2012 Ridgefield Business Association - President

Q2: What goals would you like to see Pacific FC accomplish?

Mike Mikelson     Jeff Stay 
I envision Pacific FC being a place for development of players. Keep the focus on the kids. I see so many clubs focusing on trophies, how many wins a coach has, has many state titles the club has won, etc.

I believe the future of soccer lies in the early development of players. That doesn't mean playing soccer 365 days a year. As a high school coach I see way too many kids come to high school with "soccer burnout."  By the time the kids are 15 they have had enough of year round soccer, along with the mental and physical strain it has taken on their young bodies. Are there a handful of players who need more regular and more strenuous training? Yes, and I believe we need to have options for those who desire it.

I would like PFC to be a lower cost option with all the benefits that a more expensive club offers. Less politics, less stress and great coaching are where I see our club going.
Pacific FC has had a tremendous amount of growth over the past 2 years. The growth is greater than we expected and we have had a strong impact on soccer in Clark County. We are now the second largest advanced level competition organization in Southwest Washington. The soccer landscape has changed dramatically, as well. Two years ago, the only real option for competition was through District 5. Now, we have teams competing in 3 leagues: OPL, PML and RCL. With this growth and change, it is imperative to develop structure to make sure that we are serving the teams, coaches, players, families and clubs associated with PFC. There are several areas that we must address.

  1. We will need to increase our volunteer base and define the roles that are necessary to accomplish the many tasks that have been handled by a few. “Many hands makes light work”, John Heywood. Without sharing the load we’ll burn out the ones that have brought us where we are.
  2. Registration, registration fees and field fees need to be addressed. These fees should be combined into one fee through player registration to make it easier for teams to budget and simplifying the collection of funds for the purpose of field rentals.
  3. Our current operating procedures need to be revised to steer the structure. With the pending merge of 3 of the clubs that PFC serves, the current committee structure will need to adapt. The committee structure still needs to have representation from the clubs and it also needs to represent coaches, teams, players and volunteers. With that the direction of the club should have input from each of these constituencies.
  4. Everything that we do needs to be intentional and have a purpose. The procedures need to set the parameters of how we make decisions, plan programs, select coaches, run tryouts, etc. Decisions don’t always need to be made quickly, but should be made with thought and need to be consistent with our vision.
  5. The intent and purpose of our decisions and actions need to be clearly communicated. I see this as a committee position and should be held by someone that has strong communications skills.
  6. Pacific has grown rapidly by offering competitive soccer while keeping costs low. This has been an important tenet of PFC. I would like to see us increase training opportunities for coaches and players to develop their skills, while maintaining an affordable, quality option to the other ALC programs in the area. We need to make more personal training available. Some of these opportunities may have a cost to the players that choose to participate, but will not increase the base cost to.
  7. We also have an opportunity and a responsibility to support the recreation clubs with similar training for their players and coaches. The clubs and PFC will benefit from this support. Many of the players that come to us have limited technical training. If we are able to support coaches in the early years, the players that want to play more competitively are not at such a disadvantage. Many players remain in rec until they are at older ages, because they belong in other activities or are not ready for the commitment required to play at this level. Keeping these players interested and trained may allow us to retain more teams at the older ages, as teams lose players to other sports, activities or commitments.
  8. We are an advanced level competition organization that competes strongly at the select level. There have been conversations about merging with premier club or bringing on a full pay director of coaching. I believe that this is a mistake. First of all, we have never had the intent of being a “Premier” club. However, we do have teams that are playing at the premier level. Premier clubs have added costs of a paid director of coaching, along with the costs of administering the position(s). The assumption that comes with a premier club is that we will employ paid coaches. There is no way of covering the cost of this without increasing the player registration fees.
  9. My solution to the above is that we continue to work with local trainers that specialize and can schedule sessions with teams. Obviously, there are costs to this, but then it is up to the teams, players and parents to decide if they want to pay for private trainers.